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Not all books are created equal. Children thrive off of living books, books that "come alive" as you read them. We believe that every family should have access to high-quality living books that will enrich your child's education and learning.

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What are living books?

Living books are books that come alive as you read them. They are usually written in a conversational style by authors who are passionate about the subject at hand. These books are of high literary quality and evoke emotion when read, allowing the reader/listener to connect with the subject and more easily remember the information.

Available Memberships

We offer several membership options to serve your family's needs.
Our books and curated boxes can be exchanged on a monthly basis.

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Why use Two Acre Books

Get beautiful, diverse, often rare and out-of-print books that are highly engaging for both children and parents

Our books will nurture your child’s inherent desire for truth, goodness and beauty

Our private library members have access to thousands of living books on our shelves

Our online database is available for holds and checking out

Focus your reading time on the best books for your child’s development

All book boxes have been thoughtfully curated by subject and organized into easy-to-use-boxes

The boxes correspond to a full curriculum but you can enjoy these beautiful books with or without the activities

Enjoy new boxes each month

Save precious time selecting and collecting the perfect books

Our experienced librarians can help you choose the highest-quality reading materials for children of all ages

Many of these incredible books are out-of-print and/or not available at most libraries

Books and materials are carefully maintained at Two Acre Books Library in between check-outs

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